A medical challenge

As we go about our day to day lives we overlook the needs of those living on the fringe.

Climate Change is a reality and a penalty that the least fortunate must wear. As we discuss how this man made phenomena may affect our daily lives. We forget the impact on our and our future, we forget the immediate impact of our quest for more energy now….Carbon Dioxide and the changes to the climate are directly affecting change on the fringes. The changing rainfall patterns are evident in the highlands of western Mindanao, Phillippines. The Manobo people are primarily “hunter gatherers” and every change in the climate reduces their chances to live off the land….they have less choices and fewer options to maintain a healthy life. The children of course are the first to suffer.

Our goal is to educate and assist these people to better cope with the changes we have endowed upon them. As their food supply diminishes their health and well being is affected. I hope we can raise the much needed funds to provide their basic needs – medical, farming, permanent housing and a safe drinking supply and basic sanitation.

Without interfering with their culture, we hope to educate them to adapt to the new world we have left them with. Your assistance is welcome and any donation you can muster would be appreciated. Please remember our efforts are all free of cost, every dollar donated will be used to directly help and assist the people…we have no administration or overheard costs.

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