Current Issues

The Manobo tribe are an indigenous people of the Philippines centred in Senator Ninoy Aquino, Sultan Kudarat. They have experienced problems obtaining equal access to education, technology, health services, sanitation and wealth generation processes for some time. According to sociologists this group tend to isolate themselves from mainstream  civilization. They tend to resist development, experiencing difficulties augmenting change.  Nowadays, their poverty is very obvious, their system of farming is based on traditional methods, hindered by centuries of repetitive cultivation without replenishing fertility. Sustainability is further impeded by climate change. A local educator seeks to improve the plight of the needy in developing countries, with the assistance and contribution from an aid agency, she aims to reduce poverty through education, utilising valuable resources.

SAM_2741Education as a tool, will encourage assimilation with the modern world.  As part of this challenge the people will be exposed to basic education and communication allowing them to become healthier, and more aware of the their role in society. Poverty can be reduced, if not eliminated by studying the causes, and  implementing preventive measures. Various studies have been conducted mostly of the indigenous groups suffering from malnutrition,  health issues and diseases, and housing problems, but non focusing on implementing a solution.

Monobo LiteracyOur goal is to teach the Manobo people to speak English, using specialised learning strategies building active contributors to society. Building permanent resilience and reducing dependency on welfare – eliminating POVERTY!

“Poverty is a man-made issue – we found a solution!”