Mythology, Ethnicity and Ancestry

The beginnings of the Manobo Dulangan history date back to the time when heaven was still closed to the earth, so close that even those trees that grew in the plains were blanketed with heavy clouds. It was in this placid period that Tagene appeared in Mindanao. She had two sons Tumigel and Lumabet who quite strangely appeared without a father.  Their existence was in a way biblical because Tangene and Tumigel ascended into heaven without Lumabets knowledge who was hunting for food.  The pain the incredibly frustrating situation of being left alone took Lumabet by surprise. He lived no matter how difficult but his desire to be reunited by his mother and brother became more intense as the years passed by. Anyway, it was a price he got for being too stubborn. Lumabet wandered through the lands that his eyes could see and his strength could endure, until one day, he saw in Makin River; a huge stone, standing so magically among the boulders. He then took out his blade in order to perform a miracle, believing that if he could cut the stone, it would be finally easy for him to follow the way to heaven where Tangene and Tumigel lived. With the miracle done, he disappeared from Makin River and was reunited with his mother and brother. Today the Sinipal Batu is still visible, a legacy for all Manobos of Sultan kudarat.

A hundred years later, a great flood destroyed mother earth. Accordingly, an old man, Malawil, outlived the flood because he was meant to stay alive. Another figure, Kuweng, endured from the same hurly, period two peaks, the Tudok Kiblis in Walo blungon in Kalamansig and Malawil in Esperanza remained visible for sometime until the waters had subsided. As to how the tribes multiplied, is a matter beyond any Manobo’s knowledge of searching their roots. And as generally claimed, Malawil was a male while Kuweng’s gender was not clear at all.  In the centuries that followed, Blahongen Bobon a new breed emerged as the next important character who took several wives. Timuay and Talaki were the begotten sons of Bluhongon who lived for more than a hundred years.

One of the most important names was Dulangan (Timu-ay’s son) who in the later years would be recognized as the greatest ancestor of the natives of Sultan kudarat. With respect to Dulangan, his interesting story began through a message in his dream.  In a certain river, he would find a maiden who could become his future wife. He rushed to the place and waited patiently for her. But the maiden appeared in a low stream that was far from where he sat. Dulangan decided to soak in the water hoping to see the girl in his dream. Unfortunately, the maiden left towards the opposite direction after she had washed herself. The day concluded vainly for the young man, and to the maiden it was to the start of the big change in her life for she got pregnant months later.Like blessed Virgin Mother, she bore a son named Tukeey meaning “small”, but the boy had to go elsewhere away from her.

Dulangan’s dream, at any rate, was realized when he took Bulukon Ulo as his wife who happened to be Talaki’s daughter, and his cousin as well. On the other hand, Tukeey Malaud grew up extra ordinarily strong as he had the strength for eight persons (combined) thus the name Walo Telehadi. One day Tukeey heard from a white bee that his mother lived in a place

which he could easily find. Truly he met his mother but he did not introduce himself as the lost son. Instead he just asked for a bethel nut “mama”. As it was extended, Tukeey pressed the hand of Blukon, still uncontented he also pressed her bust. Dulangan who was standing right behind Blukon saw Tukeey’s action which made him extremely angry thus the attack. They fought out for eight days and it went on, the lands shook. Meanwhile, a certain Mahu Ba (Bad Breath) knew how the situation could be stopped and knew who could probably do it. He rushed to Talaki who had been sleep for a week. The foul breath of Mahu Ba almost suffocated Talaki who then rose up and rushed to the scene. The very first one he noticed was Tukeey whom he recognized as the grandson and so sure that it was BLukon’s child. The violent encounter between the father and the son was soon stopped when Talaki mediated.  Blukon too realized that Tukeey just wanted to feel of a mother who had never nursed him. Blukon disclosed that after bathing in a stream, a strange changed occurred in her body which resulted to an unwanted pregnancy, thus Tukeey, the son of a Virgin Mother. He had to grow elsewhere though it was difficult for a mother to lose a new born baby. Dulangan watched Tukeey closely and his heart grew an intense feeling towards son. He took Tukeey in his arms, Blukon did the same, so overjoyed, that a new member, a long lost son had been reunited with her.  Soon the combined strength of Dulangan and his son Tukeey or Walo Telehadi made their tribe the fiercest among the warriors living in those periods.  In review, Bluhongon Bobon had existed a few centuries after the birth of Christ. Accordingly, he could have been born sometime in the 5th and the 6th century A.D. Meanwhile the natives of Palimbang claimed Maga as their Ancestor who was direct descendant of Walo Telehadi (Tukeey) while the Manobos of Esperanza, Kalamansig, Lebak and Senator Ninoy Aquino Dulangan as their greatest ancestor. Although Bluhongon Bobon had many children, one of the sons namely Telaki, begot a son Luminawlaw Dagat and a daughter Blukon (the wife of Dulangan and Tukeey’s mother).  Luminawlaw married Dulangan’s sister Silikug Dulang who happened to be his first cousin too. Unfortunately, there was no mention of sons, grandchildren or descendants after Luminawlaw, thus the legitimacy of Dulangan race for the whole Manobos of Sultan Kudarat.

In the 6thcentury, a certain Kelungê emerge as another Tufu or great ancestor from Tubak (the exact place where Dulangan came). Esak another Tufu emerge in Kalamansig while Tubali appeared in the 17th century. Kelunge and Esak had more than 16 generation each to count, and forTubali, 10 generations. Tubali who was of Maga stock emerged in Palimbang. The Manobos of Lebak and Kulaman now Senator Ninoy Aquino claimed that they too descended from Dulangan.

The ancestors of Manobos spread pre-dominantly in almost all the communities of Kulaman (Senator Ninoy Aquino). Each of the various class and communities has accounts and history. Their clans have intermarried from other clans from Municipalities of Palimbang, Kalamansig and Lebak, however, their lineage may be ultimately be traced from Datu Kulaman. History reveals that Datu Kulaman was the ancestor of Sultan Kalolong and Sultan Tagenek Dakias who was the first Manobo SB Member in Kulaman.

Sa Edungan sa Menubo – Dulangan, ini Epilidung egoh sa tana tigtu pawa medapag diya langit. Owoy sa medoo kayo egkeseuk di pa sa gaeb. Egoh iya migpehaa si Tegenel diya siini inged Mindanao. Si Tegenel duen sa duwa anak di si Tumigel owoy si Lumabet uged inanak da enda duen ema di owoy sa nagda tegudon pineukit diya sa teguden denu sa nemula. Enu ka si Tegenel owoy si Tumigel minebatun sa Datu Langit do uged ini enda netiigan I lamabet duu ka si lumabet mig awoh owoy eglagbet sa mekaen danegaep dana di sebaen di daen nesama, kagdi egpikehagtay  apay di pa ngadan sa kelikutan enu ka kiyug di mesebaen da hadem sa inay di owoy sa duma di telehadi si Tumiel. Sa Lugay palay mig ukit tigtu egkepagangan Lumabet i.

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