Political Structure

The highiest ranking personality in the political structure of the tribe is the Pig-ulokan Datu.  However, during the arrival of Shariff Kabunsuan, an Islamic leader, tasked for spreading Islam within the archipelago, the title was change to Sultan. The reason maybe attributed to the crowning as Sultan of the sons of Shariff Kabunsuan and a Manobo Dulangan Princess. The princess according to testimonies is the sister of Mamalu. Another reason on the institutionalization of Sultanship on Manobo Dulangan settlements is the arrival of Lenawen (Maguindanaons from a place called Magenaw), headed by Datu Fandi (General Rajah Muda). On the ground of respect and high regard to the leader of the Manobo Dulangan tribe, Datu Fandi dubbed Fenu, a Pig-ulokan Datu, as Ginelal Sultan.  Ginelal Sultan or popularly known as Sultan Fenu is the great grandfather of the late Sultan Tagenek Dakias.

According to an informant, the title as Sultan as institutionalized in the tribe came with a price. Due to the rejection of semfu (ancestor) or Mamalu to be telehadi (kin, brothers/ family) with Shariff Kabunsuan, Sultan Fenu, to seal the conferred title, went to Datu Kali and brought with him Tamuk(horses, engraved bolos and etc.) so that the Datu will affirm the title as Sultan.After the affirmation they made a gelal (a ceremony to seal the affirmation and not to be at war again).


As earlier stated, the highiest ranking personality in the political structure of the tribe is the Pig-ulokan Datu/Sultanwho rules over the Datus within his area jurisdiction and presides over their meetings especially in their antang-antang (justice system) convened to discuss and resolved community major unresolved issues and concerns. He also signs legal documents for and in behalf of the tribe.  He is choosen by and among the Datus to lead them within the territory. In the exercise of duties and functions, the Pig-ulokan Datu/Sultan, more often than not, would seek advises or recommendations of the Lukes who are the advisers of all leaders in all tribal communities of Manobo Dulangan Tribe.  They also conduct consultation meetings and mediate problems of the tribe.

Sa Sultan iya sa kaunutaan ataw ka iya sa eglengasen sa langun menubu, labi di sa medoo menubo.  Sultan sa muna umikagi amuk diya sa kesitoponoy o meting.  Ma, labi di amuk diya antang- antang. Dini seolomen sa langun problema diya sa menubo kena di ig ugpa owoy kagdi ma sa tegepilma sa langun kasulatan.


Datuship is also a heritable position and is strictly for males. In the absence of an heir, the closest male relative shall be chosen to succeed.  The Datu is the next highest ranking official of the tribe. He assists the Pig-ulokan Datu/Sultan in the community or tribal matters within his area of jurisdiction.  In the absence of the Pig-ulokan Datu/Sultan, he performs marriage, burial rites and their consequent celebration.  Within his area, he settles family and community problems thru Antang – antang.However, the Datu always seek advice and consult problems and conflicts to Lukes of community.

Ine sa sebaen gelal binaalan sa medoo menubo owoy sa guwaen booy kagdi ma sa sebaen igsaligan amuk enda daya di sa datu. Sa Datu iya sa ikaduwa metaas gelal diya tribo – menubo, kagdi sa tegebulig diya sa Sultan diya sa menuwa owoy ataw ka ngadan di sa problema. I Menubo mebaloy ma kagdi sa umantang, amuk enda daya di sa Sultan, mebaluy ma kagdi sa kumawing amuk duen sa egkawingan, ataw ka amuk duen sa nematay owoy ngadan di pa sa kesetiponoy igbaalan. Amuk di ya sa nagdi menuwa mebaloy mga kagdi umantang amuk duen sa ig antangan.


They are the advisers of all leaders in all tribal communities of Manobo Dulangan Tribe. They also conduct consultation meetings and mediate problems of the tribe.

Ine sa medoo lukes diya menuwa, sebaen tegitulo sa mepion diya sa nagda menuwa. Mebaloy da ma umumow sa kesetiponoy o meting owoy mebaloy da ma umantang amuk duen sa igantangen diya sa nagda kena igugpa.


Heads the women and represent them on tribal meetings.  She is chosen by the Tribal Elders and the Tribal Council because of her ability to lead the women sector.

Ine sa ulo ulo sa medoo baye owoy amuk dumuen sa medoo meting kagdi sa umagay sa guwaen booy iya sa henemele sa medoo datu kaunutan owoy sa tribal elders uaed muni ma diya sa nagdi egkegaga denu diya sa kauwit sa medoo baye.


He heads the youth sector of the tribe.  The tribal elders and the tribal councilchoose the representative from the youth sector who possesses the ability to lead the youth sector.

Agule amuk duen sa kaunutan sa medoo lukes maama owoy lukes baye sa medoo bata duen ma sa nagda kaunutan ka ani sa kaunutan sa medoo bata kagdi ma sa umuwit kenagda, kagdi sa igplano, tumulo amuk ngadan sa mepion o enda mepion owoy kagdi sa telinga owoy mata sa medoo bata


The Tribal Chieftain acts as the adviser of the community and is equivalent to a Sitio Leader. He is generally chosen by the resident Pig-ulokan Datu/Sultan and Datu with the prior consultation with the members of a village.  As such,he represents the community to the Pig-ulokan/Sultan or Datu

Sa guwaen kaunutan kagdi sa laga tegetulo diya sa nagdi menuwa iling sa sitio leader. Kaunutan iya sa henemele sa medoo etaw diya sa nagda menuwa lapeg ma sa Sultan owoy Datu owoy kagdi ma di sa laga Sultan owoy Datu diya sa nagdi menuwa.


The Igubalang are not considered as a class but they are the trusted relatives of the Pig-ulokan Datu/Sultan or Datu and members of the community. Their primary tasks are enforcement judgement and apprehension of serious offenders for presentation to the Sultan or Datu for appropriate action.

Ine ma sa sebaen igsaligan sa medoo datu diya sa nagda menuwa. Sa galbek da, kagda ighahaa amuk ngadan sa medoo enda enget igkabaalan diya sa menuwa kagda sa peinuma diya sa Datu ani mebagayan sa solusyon di.            


 A member of the tribe designated by the Pig-ulokan Datu/Sultan or Datu whose function is to relay information to the concerned persons usually when there is a meeting or Antang – antang.

Ine sa miyembo tribo sa galbek benegay I Sultan ataw ka Datu iya sa tegeuwit owoy tegebegay sulat. Sugusuguen ma sa Sultan igpahaa di ulom diya sa medoo etaw owoy amuk duen antang upionon.


IPS – Dulangan Manobo ICC of Sultan Kudarat Province


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