Closing Phase One

Phase one of the PNP-ITC project has been a success!

Manobo leader accpting the program from Chief of Police and Desmond Elliott

Manobo leader officially accepts the PNP-ITP program from Chief of Police and Desmond Elliott


On the 6th of September 2013 at a gathering of the Manobo People, the Philippine National Police, the Barangay Captain the program organisers announced that the literacy program had been a complete success.


After evaluating the test papers from the people examined after just 2 months of lessons all participants passed with flying colors. The methodolgy and the implementation methods proved both successful and a breakthrough in teaching English as a foreign language. Although English is widely spoken across the Philippines and taught as a standard across the Philippines the Manobo People have no formal education. The only access they have to English as a language is from packet advertising on food products and road signs. The Manobo People are deemed to only having knowledge to speak Tagalog n their own dialect.

Chief Police congratulates the Manobo people

Chief of Police provides vegetable seeds to the Manobo people for their participation and as a token for success!

The Chief of Police,  PSI Joseph Celeste Galleto of Kulaman PNP offered his words of congratulation to Officer Melinda Rosal and fellow officers for their leadership and participation in delivering the English lessons and making themselves available beyond the call of duty to participate in the project. A satisfying moment for all who made the project possible.

He thanked Desmond Elliott  for his ingenuity in making the project possible through coordination of the Teaching Aids  donated by South Pacific School Aid, Inc from Australia and and Nelia Elliott for developing the literacy program for delivery to the Manobo People.

Policewoman Melinda Rosal opening the program

Policewoman Melinda Rosal closing phase one of the program

SAM_2735Desmond Elliott thanked the local Philippine National Police officers for accepting the challenge to make use of the wonderful resources. He asked the Manobo People to share their knowledge with others in their midst and to continue speaking English and practising writing the English language so they would not forget what they had learned. Desmond announced that the second shipment was ready for shipment and was awaiting funds for the freight from Australia to General Santos.

Philippine National Police Journal Region 12 – The Manobo Tribe